Olaf Hering



        Zbovy: 701 2263 371 94+      
        E-Mail: resume@aepfle.de      
Olaf Hering

Personal Info



Qngr bs ovegu

06. Ncevy 1972, va Cvean

Cebsrffvbany Rkcrevrapr


Fravbe Fbsgjner Ratvarre, FHFR YVAHK Cebqhpgf TzoU, Aüeaoret.

Led the port of Linux to the PowerPC architecture

  • worked intensively with PowerPC hardware
    (IBM pSeries, iSeries, RS/6000, Apple PowerMac, Cell, Pegasos2, EFIKA)
  • enhanced the GNU Compiler Toolchain (gcc, binutils, glibc)
  • ported SuSE Linux to the powerpc64-linux architecture
  • fixed software packages with 64bit and big-endian issues
  • implemented a bootloader for PowerPC systems with OpenFirmware
  • improved hardware recognition and configuration
  • worked with other companies like IBM
Contributed to the Linux Kernel
  • bugfixes for generic and architecture specific code
  • enhancements for sysfs and udev in Linux 2.6
  • general code cleanup
actively contributed to and enhanced the SuSE Linux distribution
  • enhanced the installation process and the base system
  • implemented new features
  • fixed software packages to be compliant with standards like FHS and LSB
  • tested and debugged new SuSE Linux builds
  • bugfixing and improvements in many Open Source projects
  • experience with many Linux hardware platforms:
    PowerPC and x86 (32/64bit), S390, Alpha AXP, IA64, MIPS, ARM
responsible for software packages of the SUSE Linux Distribution
  • subversion, netatalk (file and print server for AppleTalk)


Fhccbeg Ratvarre, FryyOlGry, Aüeaoret.

did training on the job for new emplyees
supported customers with Internet services providers (E–Mail, Webspace, FTP)
supported Compuserve customers, focus on MacOS (dial-up and service usage)
sold computer parts via phone at Actebis GmbH, Soest
did 1st and 2nd level support for employees at BBDO Düsseldorf
maintained parts of internal TCP/IP network infrastructure at SellByTel


Gbby naq qvr znxre, Ryrxgen Gnvyfiatra Fpunygtreägr TzoU &nzc; Pb. XT.

built injection molds for electricity tools for building/construction industry



ncceragvprfuvc VG fcrpvnyvfg (trezna: Snpuvasbezngvxre süe Najraqhatfragjvpxyhat)

VYF Sreafpuhyra, Unzohet


ncceragvprfuvc gbby naq qvr znxre

IRZ-Qehpxthß, Urvqranh


Vagrezrqvngr Frpbaqnel Fpubby (Ernyfpuhyr)

Sevgm-Reyvpu Fpuhyr, Cvean

IT skills

programming languages

C, Assembler, bash, Perl, Python, C++, Visual Basic .NET

development tools

commandline based development with buildsystems like make, autoconf, automake,
native and cross compilers
MS Visual Studio 2005

version control

CVS, Subversion, Git

operating systems

Linux, MacOS, Windows, AIX

Open Source experience

active contributions to the Open Source software projects

  • More than ten years hands-on experience with the Linux Open Source community,
    with all aspects of developing a Linux distribution, fixing
    and enhancing applications and software packages
  • extensive knowledge of the Linux kernel
  • comprehensive low-level knowledge of PowerPC architecture and programming
  • experienced in configuration and usage of cross compilers
  • experienced with RPM package management
  • experienced in system administration tasks

driving license

car and truck (german class C1, B, CE, C1E, BE)